It is our commitment to deliver the military, law enforcement and adventure enthusiasts
the highest standard for tactical gear in the world with unrivaled customer service.
TacticalBack™ Pants help you perform at your best in the toughest situations with exceptional comfort. 




Expertly built from IX9 mechanical flexible fabric, the TacticalBack™ pants have outstanding durability. Designed with the latest anti-tear ripstop technology, they protect you like Kevlar while supporting full mobility in exceptional comfort.

Finished with XR Teflon, TacticalBack™ pants resist water, dirt and stains. Whether you are on active duty, outdoors, at the range or under rainy weather, TacticalBack™ pants are the most effective tool for your arsenal.

Actively used by marines, law enforcement, EMTs, and outdoor enthusiasts, TacticalBack™ pants are the must have wardrobe essential for any high performance activity.



Whether you are looking for leading edge construction, to versatility and performance, TacticalBack™ pants are the ultimate tool for tactical, casual or outdoors wear.

Actively used by the military including special ops, marines, and the air force, they exceed all expectations for high performance. Designed with exceptional functionality in mind, TacticalBack™ are a preferred wardrobe essential for law enforcement from the FBI, SWAT and even EMTs to be prepared for any situation.

Elite grade fabrics make them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Take them hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, trekking, rock climbing, or mountaineering. TacticalBack™ pants are also used by a wide range of professionals in construction, home renovation, farming, and any jobs requiring resilient and reliable pants. TacticalBack™ pants, the top choice for bold men.

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Ensure full palm protection during extreme activities

Protect your hands and get a stronger grip!

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This is fantastic! I can keep things in here that I don’t like to keep in the trunk but would like to keep close at hand…just not in a seat. It’s got fantastic pockets to hold just about anything, and right now this is holding a lot of my masks, gloves, and sanitizer. I put the organizer on the back of the passenger seat and so I just need to reach over from the driver’s seat to find things. 

Jon Dorsey

Malik Watts

I bought this for my car because we take a lot of long car trips and this is very useful to hold all of my kids stuff so that they can have stuff to do instead of having to stop the car and go rummaging through the luggage to find stuff to keep them busy so they dont drive me crazy. Now I can just put everything in this back seat organizer.

Toby Roberts